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Raleigh, NC area Dentist explains oral conscious sedation

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry provides Oral Sedation Dentist in Raleigh NC area

It is common for patients of all ages to feel anxious or uneasy about visiting the dentist. Many patients in the Raleigh, NC area who are nervous about dental visits may have had a negative past experience or have difficulties dealing with others in their personal space. Some have a fear of pain and discomfort, while others are not big fans of the sterile environment and the sounds and smells of a dental office. Dr. Edmond Suh understands that dental visits can be extremely nerve-wracking for both children and adults. This is why he provides sedation dentistry.


Sedation dentistry allows patients to feel relaxed during their dental visit. One of the most commonly used sedative methods for adults who are extremely fearful of the dentist is oral conscious sedation. Dr. Edmond Suh is a dentist who can provide this method of sedation for a relaxed, positive experience at his practice.


Oral conscious sedation uses oral medication that helps relax the patient well before their visit. Transportation must be arranged, as patients are unable to drive. They arrive at the appointment completely conscious and aware, and can follow instructions. However, they do not feel fear and anxiety as they normally would. Patients go through their treatment process are then are sent home to rest, in which the medication will wear off. When patients awaken from their nap, they will have little to no recollection of their visit with Dr. Edmond Suh, but will have their dental work completed.


Oral conscious sedation is becoming extremely popular as a method of getting nervous patients to the dental office without anxiety. It is affordable and a great way to deal with patients who have extreme fears, strong gag reflexes, or for those who will be going through long treatment times in the dental chair. Dr. Edmond Suh can discuss with patients during their initial consultation appointment the methods of sedation that are available through his practice and assist in choosing the most appropriate solution for every individual. Schedule an appointment today.


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