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Supremia Dentistry
  • I can never repay Dr. Suh for restoring my quality of life. I didn't know that my headaches were related to my teeth and specifically my bite. Dr. Suh and his team are amazing. I no longer have headaches and my smile has never looked better.
    ~ Kim W.
  • Dr. Suh,

    Thank you so much for your contribution of time and energy toward making our annual free dental clinic a success. Not only did the gift of your service meet their physical needs, it opened the door for us to talk about their spiritual need. Because of you, we were able to serve over 200 people in our local community.

    Thank You,
    ~ Richland Creek Community Church
  • Dr. Suh & Staff,

    Thank You, Your kindness was appreciated more than you know. I appreciate all that you have done, more than you know. You Guys Rock!

    Warmest Regards,
    ~ Liz
  • Dear Dr. Suh, LaShae, and Charlotte,

    My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support and friendship. I am so very happy with my implants/new partial! It is wonderful to feel comfortable to smile, talk, and enjoy my food again! Thank you all from my heart! God Bless You.

    Love and Smiles,
    ~ Diana
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the fabulous party last week. I enjoyed myself and it was great to hang out with you all. I really appreciate the great care you have given me & my kids. I never thought I would ever say that I enjoy going to the dentist, but I really do!! Sarah and I are looking forward to our spa treatments that you were so kind to treat us to. You did not have to do that, but we are so happy that you did! Thanks again for all the wonderful work you did and I am truly enjoying my new smile.

    ~ Pam
  • Thank You for the restorations done to my teeth. I am impressed with your wonderful staff who performed their work with smiles and skill. Your office is a delight to visit because of the friendly smiles, great ambience, and leading technology. I appreciate all you have done.

    ~ Wade
  • Dear Dr. Suh,

    My smile has never looked better. I believe that when preparedness and opportunity meet there is an available place where success can happen. I walked into your office looking for an opportunity to have healthier teeth and gums. There is truly no doubt that you and your staff was prepared for my case. SUCCESS!!!!

    Side note: the day after your office installed the temporary 8th and 9th position, the president of the company I work for hopped on his jet, flew down and asked for a sit down meeting with me. The great news from this meeting is almost unheard of in today's construction industry. Our teams in the Raleigh district are the top producers and we have been for years. He wants me to teach his other districts and give them the "magic" that we have. He offered me a regional management position with multiple states in my territory.

    "You bet" I said, then I sat back and smiled...

    Thank you so much Dr. Suh.


    ~ George
  • Dear Dr. Suh and Staff,

    You are so WONDERFUL! Thank you for the Best time ever! You truly are the most amazing group of people on Earth! We love you! Thank you for all you have done! God Bless!

    ~ Love Adam, Bea, & crew
  • Dr. Suh,

    Just want to thank you for everything you've done for me. I can honestly say that now I truly love my smile.
    ~ Karen
  • Dear Ed,

    It was wonderful seeing you at the Nash Institute & hearing your lectures. You are a great presenter!
    More importantly, thank you for your wonderfully warm welcome and treating us like old friends or family. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this past weekend. Look forward to many more times together.

    Thank you for everything, & once again thank you for the great dinner at Nobel's. We had a lot of fun!

    BTW, Heather is great!!
    ~ Shelly & Zahid
  • You are just too kind and it is so appreciated! Thank you so much for helping me and my class be able to go to Washington D.C. We had a great time. It was a trip I will always remember and the people who made it possible!
    ~ Landon & The 5th grade class Wilton Elem.
  • Dear Dr. Suh,

    First, I have to say, you are truly an artist. My new beautiful smile has boosted my self confidence, tremendously. People that know me ask, "What did you do to your teeth, they look great." New acquaintances often say, "Your smile was the first thing I noticed about you."

    Everyone in your office was great. They were very supportive and took the time to make me feel comfortable. They were always professional, thoroughly explaining the process.

    The one word that best describes no longer being self conscious about my smile is, "priceless".

    Thanks again for everything.
    ~ Peter
  • Dear Dr. Suh and Team,

    Thank you so much for helping me complete the removal of diseased and compromised past dental work. Without your professional skill and financial assistance this work would not have been possible. You and your team have been so supportive and genuinely interested in me. Thank you for providing such a comfortable friendly setting for all my state-of-the-art dental procedures. Thank you for making my teeth and mouth healthier, more functional, and more aesthetically pleasing. Please know how much I appreciate your and your team's expertise.

    ~ Alice
  • Dr. Suh, Becky, LaShae, Charlotte, Shannon, Heather,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your time and knowledge you shared with us this past weekend. Although there was a lot to retain, I look forward to implementing this in our practice. My goal is to help Dr. Perry achieve what he deserves for his practice & to be the best in N.C. thanks again!
    ~ Judy
  • Dr. Suh,

    Wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You!
    As my wife will attest, when it comes to Dentistry, I have a lot of fear and very little patience.
    Your office, your assistants and of course yourself managed to do the impossible! Not only did you manage to successfully navigate me through an ordeal which I had avoided confronting for a number of years, but you did it with remarkable skill and sensitivity. For me – that is a first.
    Although I will not admit to being a convert to the idea of aesthetic dentistry, (I am a Brit after all!) – you have turned a very nervous and skeptical patient into a satisfied and happy customer.

    Thank You,
    ~ Gavin
  • Dr. Suh and Dental team

    I am always pleased with the level of care I receive. - So grateful I found an office with a friendly and professional dental family. Dr. Suh & team, and the hygienists! Nothing but the BEST!! EXCELLENT Job!! :)
    ~ Michelle H.
  • I have to say, this was the best experience, at a dentist office, I've had in my 57 years. It was not the usual in-and-out-in-30-minutes-see-you-in-six-months. Doc Suh, Heather and Shannon took time to explain my options and a plan for keeping me healthy. Thanks team.
    ~ Derrick W.
  • Very knowledgeable staff, friendly, professional, and easy to talk with.
    ~ Ray G.
  • Friendly staff. Dr suh took his time to get to know me and explained my options.
    ~ Bethanne G.
  • Smart, friendly, compassionate staff. Excellent dental care!!! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!
    ~ Lisa H.
  • Comfortable entrance seating in foyer with soft pleasant music, friendly staff, family atmosphere, extremely high quality of dental services, very knowledgeable, capable of of providing the best advice using the latest industry standards.
    ~ Richard L.
  • There is a professionally courteous, yet casually relaxed manner offered by all the staff at this practice. This makes the honest evaluation of the practical dental treatments a comfortable experience ass opposed to the common alternatives. You'll find the level of professional expertise among all those who treat you to be well above your prior experiences in dentistry.
    ~ Jerry P.
  • A + service

    Very friendly atmosphere. hygienist extremely thorough and knowledgeable. dr suh has a no nonsense approach and keeps the visit low stress. I have gone to other dentists but return here for the quality of care.
    ~ Jeris L.
  • Staff is always friendly and helpful and I have been a customer for many years and plan to stay many more years.
    ~ Jan P.
  • I love this dental office. From the moment I make an appointment to the very end, everyone is so polite and friendly. I have extreme anxiety and yet I keep coming back. I rarely ever feel any pain with any procedure.
    ~ Carrie T.
  • I actually enjoy going to the dentist. So coming here is like going to a friends house to get my teeth cleaned
    ~ Jay W.
  • Best Dental Office Ever!

    I have been visiting Dr. Suh since he attained the practice. His staff is professional, courteous, and friendly. My 59-year-old teeth are in good hands and with the information and support I receive from this practice, my teeth will be with me for a very long time. Thank you to all in the office for the outstanding support.
    ~ Barbara W.
  • The entire staff is very nice and excited about the work they are doing. They are all knowledgeable of their jobs and able to answer all questions that I had.
    ~ Kevin C.
  • This visit helped alleviate my dental fears

    I am not a huge fan of going to the dentist and had not been in a very long time. I am so glad my first experience back in the dental chair was at this office as everyone is very knowledgeable and kind.
    ~ Amanda A.
  • Friendly Staff and Modern Technology

    I moved to the Raleigh Area about a year ago and my previous dentist was fantastic and used modern technology and I was not sure if I would find something similar here. Dr. Suh and the Supremia Dentistry staff and facilities surpassed my expectations.
    ~ Jung Y.
  • Everyone always makes me feel very comfortable and special here. Definitely the best dentist office I have ever visited.
    ~ Sue Z.
  • "First off, I must say that this is the nicest dentist's office I have ever seen. But, more importantly, everyone in the office is so nice and happy. It really puts me at ease knowing that the folks working there really enjoy what they do! I have never had a cleaning that didn't hurt so that was another huge plus! Never thought going to the dentist could be such a great experience! Well done!"
    ~ Anonymous
  • Entered scared-left confident

    I have not been to a dentist for a very very long time. I had a very bad and painful experience when i was younger with a dentist that did not treat me well and did not care about trying to set expectations and prepare me for what they were going to do to my teeth. I came to Dr. Suh's office from a recommendation from my wife who goes to the dentist on a regular basis. She said that Dr. Suh and his whole staff would provide a completely different experience than what I had experienced in the past. I was skeptical at first because of all the horror stories about dentists and my own personal experience. But from the moment you walk into their office, it is a different atmosphere that you can actually feel. The greeting from everyone there was very warm and friendly and the office is not a stale, sterile building with 10 year old magazines sitting in the waiting area. I was taken to a nice bright room in the back and was introduced to my dental hygienist. She was very friendly and very helpful in telling me exactly what to expect. No unexpected surprises! Heather also came in since this was my first visit and took photographs of my teeth to review on the next visit. She was also very friendly and nice. My hygienist cleaned my teeth and for the first time in over a decade, i had my teeth cleaned properly. No pain, no unexpected surprises. It was a very pleasant experience. Dr Suh came in and looked at some of my x-rays and we chatted for a few minutes. He is a super cool guy. I have no doubts about his skills. The exit process was equally impressive and easy and setting up a follow up appointment was a breeze. Overall I would have ever thought I would take the time to write a review, but I wanted to let anyone else that has had a bad experience with a dentist in the past or need to talk to people who really care, then please do yourself a favor and call Dr Suh's office and set up an appointment to see them. You won't be sorry.
    ~ Jeff G.
  • Excellent patient service.

    Excellent patient service.
    ~ Janeen L.
  • Absolute professionalism and obvious high education is shown by all office staff. High pricing, but this is clearly an establishment of exceptional dental care.
    ~ Wayne C.
  • Great Staff!

    Awesome service! Would definitely visit this office again with any other dental work.
    ~ Ashley J.
  • Dr. Suh and staff are always professional, pleasant, and extremely helpful

    Dr. Suh and staff are always professional, pleasant, and extremely helpful. They are very gentle when doing work and this includes everything from routine cleanings to more complex proceedures. I trust my smile to this crew and I always manage to have one on my face when I leave my appointment!
    ~ Casey A.
  • Great Dental Practice & Staff

    My husband and I have been going to Dr. Suh's for years and have always been satisfied with the service, staff and pleasant clean esthetic atmosphere.
    ~ Linda B.
  • Supremia with Dr. Ed and team are state-of-the-art excellent on every front

    Supremia with Dr. Ed and team are state-of-the-art excellent on every front. I could not feel in more competent hands. I confidently recommend Dr. Ed Suh to anyone looking for an optimum dental experience.
    ~ Taylor S.
  • Great office

    Friendly staff and dentist.
    ~ Jennifer S.
  • Excellent, Friendly and Professional Care

    Everyone was nice, friendly and professional. Services rendered were exceptionally well done. I was so happy after discussing my treatment with you that one friend has already said she will be making an appointment soon!
    ~ Becki B.
  • Customer Centered Care

    This office covers every detail of customer centered care from the minute you call for an appointment. I never felt anxiety or experienced pain during my procedure. I am thrilled with the results. It is such a relief to finally find a dentist I want to stay with!
    ~ Lawrie R.
  • Expert and compassionate care... first rate!
    ~ Sandy F.
  • 5 stars! Excellent!

    I definitely give Dr. Suh's practice a 5! Excellent people! They are always so sweet to greet me! Excellent service! I am always taken back promptly and they keep me as comfortable as possible! Great notes at every visit, so you pick up right where you left off! Love visiting with Dr. Suh! So much fun to talk to and he sincerely cares about his patients! He is always very thorough, makes recommendations, not too pushy, explains things very well, extremely understanding, and always has your best interest at heart!
    ~ Bonnie C.
  • Dr. Suh is the most professional and caring dentist I have ever met! He and his staff take a personal interest in you and treat you as if you are their only patient. That is rare! I appreciate the warm greetings and smiles from everyone in his practice. Thank you for taking care of my dental needs!
    ~ Cheryl P.
  • DR. Suh and his staff are amazing

    DR. Suh and his staff are amazing. As someone in the dental industry I understand what it takes to provide first class clinical care and customer service. Dr. Suh and staff provide the best dental care available and an experience that is very enjoyable.
    ~ John H.
  • Supremia is the standard to measure by

    Dr. Suh and his team have made a substantially positive improvement in my dental health. They replaced the old mercury fillings from childhood and worked with me on a plan to straighten my crooked teeth. First dentist/ ortho who didn't want to pull 2-4 teeth to straighten them. Pleasure to do business with them.
    ~ Ricky E.
  • Great Dental Experience

    Very good people make the difference in everything in the world. This is a pleasurable experience having dental work done due to great people and service!!
    ~ Bob L.
  • I had an awsome experience at my first visit. They seem to genuinely care about your dental health.

    I had an awsome experience at my first visit. They seem to genuinely care about your dental health.
    ~ Brian L.
  • Who says going to the dentist can't be fun!

    It's difficult to single out one person that made me decide to stick with Supremia. From the front desk to the hygienists to the dental assistants and of course to Dr. S, everyone is pretty awesome. Dr. S specializes in pain-free dentistry, but more importantly the Supremia team specializes in 'comfort' dentistry where every step in the process is personalized to ensure an end-2-end pleasant experience. Just a really cool and awesome team that truly focuses on creating the best possible positive client experience!
    ~ Derrick W.
  • I give you a 5 star, patients want to be happy after dental work and you don't let them down

    I give you a 5 star, patients want to be happy after dental work and you don't let them down. I most say, your employees are very motivated with knowledge.
    ~ Ray H.
  • awesome

    Thank you for all you do!
    ~ Jackie G.
  • Great Service

    The staff is alway friendly and Dr. Suh is Great!
    ~ Jonathan H.
  • The Staff of Supremia Dentisty is always friendly and knowledgeable

    The Staff of Supremia Dentisty is always friendly and knowledgeable. I have great admiration and trust in this office.
    ~ Patti M.

    ~ Annie J.

    Entire staff both friendly and professional. They make you feel as if they really care because I believe they do.
    ~ Warren P.
  • Everyone is genuinely friendly and caring.

    Everyone is genuinely friendly and caring.
    ~ Kelly G.
  • With the technology that Dr

    With the technology that Dr. Suh uses, they were able to inform me of a questionable condition while referring me to a trusted associate. I felt cared for with the in depth check up I received and answers to my questions.
    ~ Juliet M.
  • Second to none

    This is the best dental office ever! Dr. Suh and the team are truly second to none. Charlotte is always helpful and a ray of sunshine and Becky, she cares for my teeth so tenderly. Thanks you guys!
    ~ Tamika W.

    ~ Bill H.
  • The whole appointment was very thorough and I liked how everything was explained in terms of the...

    The whole appointment was very thorough and I liked how everything was explained in terms of the reason for the digital teeth photos, the new technology and procedures, etc. Everyone was very kind and personable and the environment was clean and well-maintained.
    ~ Heather M.
  • Love you Guys!

    So far very impressed with everything about your practice.
    ~ Susannah K.
  • Professional Dentistry

    Nice office, friendly staff, expert advice and treatment.
    ~ Victoria P.
  • The Best

    The best care ever
    ~ David S.
  • Dr. Suh and staff are very welcoming and friendly. They explain things very well.
    ~ Mary W.
  • Great Experience

    Great team
    ~ Michelle M.
  • Everyone always so personable. Becky took time to come in and say hello.

    Everyone always so personable. Becky took time to come in and say hello.
    ~ Holly H.
  • You were all excellent...I rate you a 5

    You were all excellent...I rate you a 5
    ~ Jim H.
  • Had a fine visit.
    ~ Frank P.
  • Great staff, latest technology and equipment

    Great staff, latest technology and equipment. Really liked taking care of paperwork online and the email reminders for my appointment. Worth the drive from downtown Raleigh.
    ~ Jason R.
  • Excellent service from the beginning to the end!! Thank you.
    ~ Cindy S.
  • #1 Practice in the area I guarantee it

    Dr. Suh is an amazing doctor who truly cares for his patients. His Team is very welcoming and knowledgeable. They were able to help meet my needs and answer all of my questions. I felt very comfortable and forgot that I was even at a dentist office :)
    ~ Heidi S.
  • 5. Everything was exeptional!

    5. Everything was exceptional!
    ~ Megan M.
  • Superlatives for Supremia!!!!!

    Everyone I met was nice, warm and welcoming: from the first phone call I made to inquire about my appointment, to the moment I walked in the door, through the dental care I received, to the scheduling of my next appointment and the moment I walked out--simply exceptional. This is a uniquely superlative dental practice! The environment is impeccable, first rate decor and amenities, immaculate cleanliness, just a real positive look and feel which nicely compliments the trully exceptional dentist and staff. Dr. Suh and everyone of his staff members have a true human touch to their approach. What a wonderfully refreashing experiance! And, what's more, the work was painless--I've never been able to say that about a visit to the dentist before. I am pleased to say that I have found my dentist for as long as I live in the area. I highly reccomend Dr. Suh's office to anyone who wants to experience dentistry done right. Let me add for the record that I am not easily impressed, nor am I a friend (now I feel like I have friends there, but did not know anyone there prior to my visit) or family member of any of the staff. I do believe in giving credit where it is due, and this was such an extraordinary dental experience, that I would be remiss if I did not share my opinion. I would encourage anyone to vist and see for themselves!
    ~ John T.
  • Thank you all for such great care. I look forward to getting back in god shape

    Thank you all for such great care. I look forward to getting back in good shape.
    ~ Steve N.
  • Thank you for being an AMAZING dentist! I appreciate all that you do and your wonderful "Team Suh"! With the mind of a dentist and the sensitivity of an artist you are BRILLIANT at what you do...It is perfect 100%!!! Thank you for everything!!! Love, Michelle :)
    ~ Michelle H.
  • Supremia was a pleasure to visit. I'd recommend Dr Suh and his team to everyone.

    Supremia was a pleasure to visit. I'd recommend Dr Suh and his team to everyone.
    ~ Erik M.
  • Dr. Suh and Staff are the best!!

    Simply awesome! Very polite and friendly staff. Dr. Suh himself is that way and really has a passion for giving you the total patient experience!!
    ~ John G.
  • Dr. Suh, Supremia Dentistry

    Hands down, the best dental visit I have ever had. Very professional, yet friendly. Dr. Suh was very straight-forward and informative. I am glad to have finally found a Dentist I will return to.
    ~ Colby S.
  • Exceleent and knowledgible staff.
    ~ Ann B.
  • Super. We believe in supporting small and local businesses.

    Super. We believe in supporting small and local businesses.
    ~ Latosha T.
  • good job

    still in the process but the cleaning portion was good
    ~ Angela H.
  • Dr. Suh and his team are all caring professionals

    Dr. Suh and his team are all caring professionals. Whatever your concerns are, they are always willing to take the time to show and teach whatever is necessary. I feel like I am in good hands...literally. : )
    ~ Lauren W.
  • I was very satisfied with the care provided at my appt.
    ~ Paulette M.
  • Very Pleasant experience.
    ~ Roe O.
  • excellent

    as always eveyone was exceptionally friendly and kind.
    ~ Sue Z.
  • Clean, modern, state of the art technology. Pleasant, efficient staff. Services well beyond your ordinary dental practice.
    ~ Veronica S.
  • I recently relocated to Wake Forest, NC from out of state

    I recently relocated to Wake Forest, NC from out of state. Fortunate smiled on me; I found the best (by far) dental-services office in the area, without question. Your visit will be one of prompt, professional courtesy provided by staff who are enthusiastic about helping you in the manner most likely to facilitate success in your dental hygiene & care. If you're subjecting yourself to medieval dental practices, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment. As long as the office is open & I live in the area, my family & I will patronize this establishment.
    ~ Michael G.
  • I would give Supremia a 5 :) Excellent

    :) Excellent. It was my first time attending this dental office and I felt very comfortable and welcomed. Great place and staff. Loved everything about Supremia.
    ~ Anna W.
  • It was outstanding....for a dental visit I was NOT looking forward to having to do!
    ~ Joan M.
  • Very friendly

    The staff at Dr. Suh's were very friendly and courteous. I was only there for initial consultation but felt satisfied with my experience.
    ~ Amber A.
  • Growing up, I always hated going to the dentist. Dr

    Growing up, I always hated going to the dentist. Dr. Suh and Becky are so great and I LIKE seeing them. What an improvement. :) I give you a 5!
    ~ Amy N.
  • Office visit

    Each employee is up to date on the newest technechs in the dental world.
    ~ Jean I.
  • 5 stars! Great Dentist and Staff!

    5 stars! My first appointment was informative, helpful, and the knowledgeable and friendly staff went above and beyond to help me understand my situation and options. I will definitely be going back to Dr. Suh's office.
    ~ Drew S.
  • super!!

    Nice job Dr. Suh and staff!!!
    ~ Jackie G.
  • I now love going to the dentist!
    ~ Deirdre M.
  • Great service and atmosphere.
    ~ Jason G.
  • Roxanne Salvato

    Love the "family feel" of the office
    ~ Roxanne S.
  • My Dr. Suh

    In Santa Barbara, we were under the care of our beloved long-time dentist that was always up to speed on the latest in dental care. We didn’t think that we would be able to find that high level of care again when we moved away. What brought us to Dr. Suh were his credentials as a lecturer which meant that he was up on the latest in dental care. We also appreciated that he takes his staff with him to learn new techniques too. We knew that if there was new and better way in dentistry, Dr. Suh knew about it because he cares about giving his patients the very best. We've been going to Dr. Suh for many years now and we’re absolutely devoted! Love the staff too! Shout-out to Becky and Charlotte!
    ~ Corry C.
  • Marty Coward, financial advisor

    A 5-star experience for a new patient! Great customer service, and very educational
    ~ Marty C.
  • The staff along with the proffesionlism and...

    The staff along with the proffesionlism and personality of the Dr. makes this a great experiance
    ~ Bill W.
  • I have never left a dental visit with such a great...

    I have never left a dental visit with such a great understanding of dental health! I appreciate the time that Heather, Becky, and Dr. Suh took to explain everything and even to entertain my son! We had a great visit. Thank you!
    ~ Allie T.
  • Love you all!

    Love you all! Thank you for such great service and dental work/care.
    ~ Tami G.
  • It was only a five minute wait that I found to be...

    It was only a five minute wait that I found to be extremely acceptable. I wish more offices were as efficient.
    ~ Kathryn J.
  • The staff and Dr. Suh were all very personable

    The staff and Dr. Suh were all very personable. It seemed as though everyone was interested in getting to know me as a person; not just a patient. Shannon was wonderful and she made me feel so comfortable by giving me the option to numb my sensitive gums a little for the cleaning.
    ~ Tonya W.
  • Everyone was extremely professional and...

    Everyone was extremely professional and informative. It is the most pleasant dental office experience I have ever had. You definitely have the right people in the right positions.
    ~ Andria H.
  • It was a great initial visit

    It was a great initial visit. The practice seems to do an exemplary job of integrating clinical expertise with interpersonal consideration. Everyone I met was friendly and informative. Most of my appointment was spent with Shannon, and she was wonderful. Who could have guessed that I would ever think about my next dental appointment with anticipation rather than apprehension. Many thanks to everyone.
    ~ Judy G.
  • Everyone was very warm and made me feel very...

    Everyone was very warm and made me feel very confortable. I was impressed with staff's knowledge and attention to detail.
    ~ Kimberley R.
  • You have a FANTASTIC group of people.

    You have a FANTASTIC group of people. Love love love your practice and recommend you all the time. Look forward to continuing our relationship for many happy years. When my kids age out of their pediatric dentist I look forward to bringing them to you (and Becky, who is fabulous!).
    ~ Lizi H.
  • I absolutely love working with Heather with dental...

    I absolutely love working with Heather with dental procedures and the catering events. Shannon was great and helpful! The music really helps knock off that edge that everyone seems to have when going to the Dentist.
    ~ Kevin M.
  • Dr.Suh and Heather were excellent.

    Dr.Suh and Heather were excellent. Very thorough and friendly.... told me what I needed to know. I would recommend them!
    ~ Rik L.
  • Everyone was excellent...

    Everyone was overall service experience I have had in a long time...especially in a dental office! Thank you!
    ~ Ed S.
  • I think I met most of the staff and they were all...

    I think I met most of the staff and they were all very nice, reassuring and thoughtful.
    ~ Gail H.
  • Don't change a thing - great job!

    Don't change a thing - great job!
    ~ Chris B.
  • Heather, Shannon, and the receptionist (don't...

    Heather, Shannon, and the receptionist (don't recall her name)- all were exceptionally warm and friendly. Everyone worked to help me feel safe and comfortable. The effects of great 'customer service' were evident when Dr Suh (along with his assistants) carefully explained his findings and recommended a plan of treatment. I never thought I would ever say this about a dentist. But here it is: I have never, ever experienced such an enjoyable visit to a dentists office. Hats off to you Dr Suh and staff for creating an environment that really puts the 'patient' first. Thank you
    ~ Clara D.
  • I had such a great experience

    I had such a great experience. I would go as far as to say that I felt like I was getting dental work done in my own living room. They brought me a blanket, a bottle of water and I got to watch the food network. They took great care of me, Dr. Suh was personable, sincere and showed genuine concern and care for my well-being. His employees are knowledgeable, sweet, and great at what they do, you can tell they're well trained and well taken care of. I sense a lot of respect and trust in their office, which I believe is the backbone of a successful team. Thanks again!
    ~ Bonnie L.
  • Your service staff were exceptional, friendly and...

    Your service staff were exceptional, friendly and made me feel like I was the only patient in the office -- unique quality.
    ~ Patsy D.
  • LaShay was friendly and was most attentive to my...

    LaShay was friendly and was most attentive. She had already prepared the shot when she mentioned this to Dr.Suh. Charlotte always is so professional and helpful; Becky is professional,enjoyable & explainatory. Dr. Suh has a great team, they seem to all work to together very well.
    ~ Catherine C.

Welcome to Supremia Dentistry Sure to Make You Smile!

Amazing Dentist

There aren't enough words to describe the experience we have had with Dr. Suh. He and his entire staff are truly unlike any group in the medical field that we have seen! –

- Ruth Wheeler
Dr. Edmond Suh and his team of dedicated professionals welcome you to our online home of Supremia Dentistry. We service patients in and around the area of Wake Forest, North Carolina. Our practice is raising the bar in dentistry and blend together some of the aspects that set us apart from other practices in the community, including the use of innovative techniques, modern technology, extensive training, and even human compassion.

Our state-of-the-art practice is designed with our patients in mind. We want you to enjoy a comfortable and convenient practice with as stress-free of an experience as possible—while still achieving phenomenal results. When you speak with us regarding the concerns you have with your smile and the goals you want to achieve, we listen. We answer the questions you may have so we can assist in rejuvenating your smile and bringing it back to health.

Because you deserve the best, that is what we strive to provide. Our state-of-the-art facility includes the latest technological advancements, and plush amenities. Our staff is knowledgeable about the latest research and discoveries in dentistry, and trained in the latest techniques.

We are a family. Every member of our team is educated in every aspect of the practice. We work seamlessly together, providing you with an exceptional experience. Schedule an appointment today – we invite you to join our family, and experience a different kind of dentistry.
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Dr. Edmond W. Suh

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Edmond W. Suh, DDS is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, and the Advanced General Dentistry Residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill... Read more

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Dr. Suh talking with Former NBA superstar Alonzo Mourning while in Haiti 3 weeks after the earthquake.

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Supremia Dentistry has been awarded the WakeLiving Reader's Choice Awards for the 5th consecutive year.