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I always have a great experience at Supremia. Dr. Suh and staff are experts in their field and place your dental health as their top priority. Our kids actually are excited about going to the dentist. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
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Advanced care from your dentist in Wake Forest, NC

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry is the Dentist in Wake Forest NC

If you are taking the time to do Internet research to find a dentist, you are probably looking for a higher level of expertise, technology, and compassion for you or your family’s dental care. You have come to the right place. I’m Dr Edmond Suh, and I believe the highest level of care is what each patient deserves each time they visit the dentist.


At Supremia Dentistry we pride ourselves in providing the things necessary for patients to make good, educated decisions for their care. We are well qualified in general dental treatments– as are many other dentists but are also very experienced in several other areas of dentistry such as TMJ disorders and cosmetic treatments. It is our level of training and experience, along with advanced treatment options that sets our care apart. It is the Supremia hallmark.


Example of the Suprim Dentistry is different
Here are just a few examples of the Supremia difference:

  • Sedation dentistry. Oral conscious sedation even allows very fearful patients to catch up much needed dental work without anxiety. You take a pill before your appointment and arrange for a ride to and from our office. Then you relax in the chair, breathing on your own and able to walk and respond to conversation. You are simply comfortable and unconcerned. This is also a great solution for the busy patient who needs the convenience of several procedures or an extensive one at a single appointment.
  • Gum disease. Periodontal care is vital to your appearance, your oral health, and your overall body wellness. In most cases, we can help patients prevent gum disease, but when it takes hold we use the latest, gentle laser technology to restore gum health without surgery.
  • TMJ disorders. Headaches, pain or lack of mobility in the jaw, broken teeth, and dizziness are just a few of the symptoms of chronic TMJ and can control your days and nights. The condition is often misdiagnosed or masked with various medications that also impact your quality of life. We treat these symptoms and others with non-surgical therapy, minimally invasive therapy. Computerized equipment aid us in accurately and predictably treating this condition.
  • Sleep apnea. “Happy wife; happy life.” It’s an old adage, but one with a grain of truth. Snoring can have a big influence on your sleep, and they also impact the sleep quality of your housemates. Sleep is imperative to your health and even you mental clarity. Your body needs sleep to heal and function properly. Sleep Apnea is a serious health condition that can cause your body to shut down because it is not getting the oxygen it needs to survive. Sleep apnea has historically been treated with something called a C-pap. C-Paps are effective, but often cumbersome and uncomfortable. At Supremia, we are able to help patients limit or eliminate their C-pap and quite snoring with a small, comfortable oral appliance.

Are you ready for advanced care from a dentist in Wake Forest, NC who understands that your needs go beyond an occasional filling? Then give me a call at 919 556 6200 to become Supremia Dentisry’s newest patient.

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