Dentists’ Ideas for Friendly Foods You Can Eat After A Teeth Whitening Procedure

Food, beverage choices, and habits such as smoking often need teeth whitening to restore the natural whiteness of teeth. This way, you get your smile back, and your self-confidence is boosted as well. With teeth whitening procedures, you invest your money, time, and effort, and you, therefore, want to enjoy the results for the longest time possible. It means, therefore, that choosing what to eat after teeth whitening is of utmost importance.

Dentists advise that you avoid foods that stain teeth after whitening for at least 2-3 days after the procedure. A rule of thumb is that anything that can stain your white shirt can stain your teeth. So, what can I eat after teeth whitening? Find out what to eat after whitening teeth and what to avoid.

Foods to Eat After Teeth Whitening

Generally, dentists advise that you stick to a white diet after teeth whitening. If you’re wondering what to eat after teeth whitening treatment, here’s a white foods list that comes in handy:

· White Fish – these include Atlantic cod and albacore. Avoid dark fish species.

· White Rice – it is a perfect accompaniment for other foods.

· Skinless Chicken or Turkey – these are lightly colored, healthy, and acid-free. They guarantee the best teeth whitening aftercare results.

· Egg Whites – be sure to do away with the yolk when cooking because of its color.

· Pasta – it’s also a good choice, but you should avoid colored sauces like green pesto and tomato sauce.

· Potatoes – these are good for eating after teeth whitening, but make sure you peel before cooking.

· White Bread – great for breakfast, but remove the crust to avoid any staining risks.

· White onions – avoid red onions in your meals.

· White Yogurt – any colored yogurt may result in staining of your whitened teeth.

· Bananas – these are also great foods that rarely contribute to teeth staining.

Now that you know what’s right after teeth whitening let’s look at the foods to avoid after teeth whitening. Generally, cosmetic dentists advise that you avoid any colored foods and drinks as they risk staining your teeth.

Here’s a list of foods you should keep off:

· Fruit Juices – besides their color, these are highly acidic and contribute to teeth staining.

· Wine – its acidity makes the enamel vulnerable to staining. What’s more, red wine contributes to staining since it is colored.

· Coffee – While this may be hard to cut out, it is advisable to abandon after teeth whitening. If you can’t, add some milk, limit the amount you take, and stick to two cups per day.

· Cola – any fizzy drink is acidic. Cola is particularly colored and could, therefore, stain your teeth after whitening.

· Tea – avoid any dark tea as its effect on your teeth could be worse than coffee.

· Chocolate and Sweets

· Dark Fruits – generally, avoid any berries for their color.

· Tobacco – this may not be a food per se, but smoking tobacco is a habit that contributes hugely to teeth staining. After teeth whitening, you could use nicotine patches or alternative products to avoid teeth staining.


Your teeth are most susceptible to staining after a whitening procedure. It is, therefore, essential that you are clear on what foods to eat after teeth whitening to avoid staining your teeth. Generally, adopting a white diet after teeth whitening protects your teeth from staining.
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