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Dr Suh and his staff are amazing! They are genuinely interested in your overall health and well being. The level of care, time and warm smiles is second to none. I am so grateful that Dr Suh, a world renowned Doctor, is taking care of me and my son. From Charlotte’s warm greeting to Erin and Becky’s gentle yet sparkling cleanings to Heather’s overall expertise. Every single person in the office is welcoming, warm and makes you feel like you are part of the family 💕.
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Dental implants vs Bridges

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Wake Forest Dental Implants - Brian K
Brian K
Dental implants are one of the finest examples of how technology, research, and advanced techniques combine to provide superior solutions. While it is not possible to re-create a natural tooth, implants are a close second. They can last a lifetime and are comparable to healthy teeth in look, feel, strength, and functionality.

What is an implant?

The implant is not technically a replacement tooth. It is a small piece of titanium, implanted in your jawbone. It replaces the root, and supports your new tooth. Like a natural tooth root, the implant itself is not visible at all, but serves a vital function.

Success rate

For most patients, placing dental implants is a routine, very simple procedure. It is one of the most reliable procedures performed in dentistry today. The success rate among non-smokers is very high, and advanced techniques are increasing the success rate among smokers. There are two phases – surgical placement of implants, and restoration with a new appliance or prosthetic tooth.

The procedure

The area is numbed, and we offer sedation if you wish, so you remain comfortable throughout the process. There is typically little, if any, soreness afterwards. In fact, most patients report that the implant procedure was more comfortable than the extraction! Your comfort, and the success of the procedure, depends greatly on the skill of the surgeon. That is why we work with one of the foremost oral surgeons on the East Coast.


We can replace one, several, or all of your teeth with dental implants. At one time, the cost of placing an implant for every tooth in an arch was prohibitive to most denture wearers. Today we can offer specially designed denture plates that snap over implants. They can be secured with only four to six implants, and have about one quarter the amount of plastic as traditional dentures. Like other implant-supported restorations, they feel comfortable, look natural, and firmly stay in place.

If you are looking for a permanent, beautiful, healthy solution to missing teeth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Suh today.

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