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I always have a great experience at Supremia. Dr. Suh and staff are experts in their field and place your dental health as their top priority. Our kids actually are excited about going to the dentist. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
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Wake Forest dentist produces life like veneers to correct many dental complaints in a single visit

Dr Suh Provides veneers to correct many dental complaints in a single visit

Almost two of every five North Carolinians have experienced dental disease, according to Department of Health and Human Services statistics. One of every seven is living with untreated cavities. Destructive acids and harmful bacteria progressively eat away at the enamel covering the tooth, leaving inner tooth structure unprotected. Depending on how far enamel erosion has progressed, your teeth may appear:

  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Discolored
  • Indented or cupped on the surface

Veneers offer an answer to these and many other dental complaints, such as gaps and uneven spacing, and irregularly shaped teeth. With CEREC technology, Dr. Edmond Suh and his team can design and create lifelike restorations that look natural when compared to neighboring teeth. He can also prepare the tooth and bond the veneer in a single visit.


Not all dentists in Wake Forest have the capabilities to fabricate these thin layers of porcelain in-house. With other offices and the traditional approach, information about your mouth such as impressions would be sent to an outside lab where technicians would use this information to fabricate the veneer. After it was sent to Dr. Suh’s office, you would schedule a second visit, at which time the dentist would check the fit and appearance of this permanent veneer and then securely bond it to your tooth.


Be aware that a very small amount of natural tooth structure, usually only about .3 millimeters, must be removed to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. Any time enamel is removed, there is the risk of tooth sensitivity. Your teeth may be sensitive to cold drinks or hot foods following the procedure. Thanks to modern techniques and technologies in capable hands, any discomfort you may experience following veneer placement should be modest and fleeting.


Keep in mind that Dr. Suh must assure the health of your mouth before moving forward with any elective procedures, such as veneers. By altering tooth structure with this approach, you can avoid the need for more extensive restorative procedures, which fits in well with the dental team’s philosophy toward treating patients. Dr. Suh will always recommend conservative approaches that allow you to retain as much of your tooth’s natural structure as possible.


Depending on the amount of damage your tooth has sustained, he may suggest beautiful and durable tooth-colored fillings, inlays, or onlays. Likewise, if discoloration is a concern, Dr. Suh uses powerful yet safe whitening systems to return teeth to their natural vibrancy so you may not need a procedure like veneers to cover up stains.


For Wake Forest veneers in a day or alternatives that best suit your needs and goals, call 919 556 6200 to schedule an appointment.


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