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Realizing your desired smile comes from working with the top cosmetic dentist in Wake Forest

top cosmetic dentist Dr Suh in Wake Forest

Of the many things we do to improve our personal and professional image, addressing the smile may be most pivotal. Our smiles are one of our best assets, showing our personality when we interact with others. On a non-verbal level, a nice smile can reduce stress, and promote a calm, friendly atmosphere in various situations. Research has shown that people who have attractive smiles are more memorable than those with dull, less-attractive smiles are.


The effect our smiles have on others is less important than how our smile makes us feel about ourselves. Where a hundred years ago, very little attention was paid to the smile, this facial feature now sits center stage. Someone who feels confident sharing his or her smile with others immediately makes a good impression and is seen as approachable, even more trustworthy and productive.


Working with a top cosmetic dentist in Wake Forest can bring greater professional success, as well as personal success. Studies on the impact of the smile indicate that an attractive smile has a positive effect on professional interactions. In interviews, those with attractive smiles were viewed more favorably, and often offered better positions and higher salary.


Ultimately, feeling good about the way your teeth look will lead you to smile with greater confidence. We have seen people undergo incredible psychological transformation after cosmetic dental treatment, simply because the smile is so valuable to your sense of self.


Cosmetic dentistry offers many services that can improve the appearance of the smile. Choosing tooth-colored fillings over amalgam fillings is a step that our patients take to ensure their smiles look their best. Teeth whitening is another common cosmetic treatment, capable of making dramatic improvement, including a more youthful, vibrant image. In the instance that a tooth or teeth have been cracked, or there is too much space between teeth, porcelain veneers can be made to cover imperfections. This form of treatment leads to natural results that last years.


We understand the value of the smile. Our patients are treated with personalized care aimed at addressing specific cosmetic needs. Contact us to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Suh.


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