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I have to sing praises to Dr. Ed Suh and his hygientist Shannon Carroll. We had trauma to my daughters front tooth on a Sunday afternoon and they met us at the office and made her feel so comfortable. What could have been a traumatic experience was met with calmness and reassurance. Thank you so much!!
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Tooth replacement options in Wake Forest look and function like natural teeth

replacement options in Wake Forest look and function like natural teeth

In the past, if damage to your tooth was too extensive for a filling or if that filling was worn and there was insufficient tooth structure, crowns may have been suggested as your only option.


Worse yet, if damage was so severe that even a root canal procedure couldn’t save the tooth, your only option was extraction. Extraction is not desirable; bone loss begins very early and is significant. In fact, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists reports there is a 25 percent decrease in bone width after the first year of tooth loss. The height of the bone also decreases in succeeding years.


Think of how your muscles atrophy if you go very long without exercise or movement, such as during lengthy periods of sickness or bed rest. The same type of thing happens when you are missing teeth. These areas of the mouth aren’t being used, as there is no tooth to chew, bite, or do other functions that keep your mouth and underlying bone healthy and strong.


Resorption is the process whereby the alveolar bone supporting the teeth melts away. Eventually, even the jawbone can disintegrate. Resulting problems arise with eating and pronouncing words properly, which can lead to social isolation and even nutritional deficiencies. You can also see unwanted changes to your face in the mirror. As bone is lost, you may notice that your cheeks look hollow. Your face may appear drawn and sunken. You can appear older than your actual age due to this damaging, progressive condition.


You need not, take drastic measures to maintain or restore the proper function and look of your teeth and mouth. In fact, Dr. Edmond Suh is a big proponent of conservative measures to bring your mouth back to health. For instance, he advocates partial crowns (also known as onlays) where possible.


This type of crown involves the application of a natural looking and feeling material to replace worn or lost tooth enamel and structure, such as porcelain. These partial restorations are placed within the grooves of the tooth, as well as over the points (or cusps) of the tooth.


They are a better-looking alternative to the obvious silver fillings of years past. The less drilling and the less invasive of procedures, the less trauma there will be to the mouth. This is a key reason a partial may be preferable to a full, “traditional” crown.


Dr. Suh recognizes this option isn’t an answer for every situation. You may be a better candidate for dental implants, which are the next closest thing to your natural teeth should you be missing teeth or need to have a tooth pulled.


Unlike conventional dentures or bridges, this tooth is rebuilt from the root up and is designed to function just like the tooth you grew into, so there is no fear of bone loss and all the nasty effects that can follow. To find out more about today’s better tooth replacement options in Wake Forest, call 919 556 6200 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Suh.


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