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Patients in Wake Forest NC can replace one, many, or all of their teeth with implants

replace one, many, or all of their teeth with implants

In partnership with one of the country’s leading oral surgeons, dental implants are not a single type of treatment at Dr. Edmond Suh’s office. You may be familiar with dental implants as a way to replace one or a few teeth.


An implant is designed to mimic a natural, healthy tooth root. Made from durable yet lightweight medical-grade titanium, the dental implant is biocompatible. When placed in the jawbone during a minor surgical procedure, the implant will in the succeeding months naturally fuse with surrounding bone.


This process of osseointegration results in the titanium post becoming a stable foundation for the new tooth Dr. Suh and his team will design and make in-house. This crown sits securely on top of the artificial tooth root. One of the biggest benefits of this approach to tooth replacement over conventional approaches is that it helps maintain the strength of underlying bone.


Bone mass and density affects everything from the way you chew food and speak to how you look. As bone shrinks from the lack of stimulation that comes with everyday functions like eating, this destructive process of bone resorption shows up on your face.


Facial tissues don’t have the support they need to maintain youthful contours. The lower portion of the face collapses, shrinking the distance between the nose and the chin. Lips appear puckered when the upper and lower jaws are closer together. The resulting effect is a shriveled, creased, and prematurely aged appearance.


A world of options


Formerly, this optimal type of tooth replacement was out of reach for patients missing many teeth or for with many painful, decayed teeth. The cost of a dental implant and crown for every missing tooth was prohibitive. Thanks to advanced science and techniques, patients who are missing many teeth don’t need an implant to stabilize each crown. Instead, the implants are strategically placed so a minimum number of implants can support a maximum number of new teeth. This approach helps to minimize costs to the patient, time in the dentist’s chair, and trauma to treatment sites.


There are even cost-effective ways for toothless patients to benefit from these advanced technologies. Implant-supported dentures are held in place by implants. These unique dentures are designed to snap over a minimal number of implants. with as few as four to six implants, you can restore your ability to chew and speak effortlessly, as well as your youthful appearance and oral health.


Don’t delay in getting the teeth implants in Wake Forest NC that can have a transformative effect on the quality of your life. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Suh.


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