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Missing many teeth in Wake Forest? Realize benefits of dental implants as an alternative to partial dentures

Missing many teeth in Wake Forest

In the past your options for replacing many teeth were limited. Both fixed dental bridges and removable partial dentures do not halt the progression of bone loss related to the loss of natural teeth. Conventional removable dental appliances tend to move during chewing, speaking, or other functions. Healthier approaches are available to replace many missing teeth and maintain or improve your quality of life.


What are implant-supported partial dentures?


A dental implant is a titanium post placed in the jawbone. Made from a biocompatible material, the implant will ultimately bond to the surrounding bone. The implant will function as the root for your new, lab-designed and lab-made tooth. The implant provides a level of stability for the replacement tooth unmatched by conventional restorative options.


While this approach may work well to replace one or a few teeth, the costs of dental implants and supporting restorations to replace many teeth add up. Modern dental implant approaches have reduced the financial barriers to this preferred method of tooth replacement.


You can realize the benefits without having a dental implant placed in your jawbone for each and every missing tooth. The implants will be placed strategically. The idea is to have the maximum amount of support with minimal use of dental implants. An entire upper or lower jaw may require as few as 4 implants.


Traditional partial dentures are removable dental appliances designed to look and feel like natural, healthy teeth. These appliances are connected to a metal framework. The framework clasps in place, so the denture is stabilized.


Modern methods use the same basic principles, but the overlying denture snaps over the implants present in the jawbone. The implant-assisted partial denture is securely stabilized to underlying bone. Surrounding bone gets stimulation from teeth that are designed to function like natural, healthy teeth. Bone stays strong. Conventional dentures are associated with bone atrophy; a condition affecting the fit of the dental appliance. A destructive process, bone resorption can give rise to:

  • Loss of facial support
  • A prematurely aged appearance
  • Impaired chewing
  • Impaired speech

A superior fit equates to superior comfort. Partial dentures with dental implants offer optimal comfort and your experience in Wake Forest will be comfortable thanks to Dr. Edmond Suh’s mastery of modern dental technologies and techniques. Call to schedule an appointment.


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