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I have to sing praises to Dr. Ed Suh and his hygientist Shannon Carroll. We had trauma to my daughters front tooth on a Sunday afternoon and they met us at the office and made her feel so comfortable. What could have been a traumatic experience was met with calmness and reassurance. Thank you so much!!
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Turn to Raleigh NC dentist for effective, yet noninvasive alternative to crowns: dental onlays

Raleigh NC dentist for effective, yet noninvasive alternative to crowns: dental onlays

Traditionally if you had a tooth with damage too extensive for a crown, the only way to save it and restore it to function and appearance may have been a crown. Thanks to today’s technologies and modern, natural-looking materials, Dr. Edmond Suh can offer an easier, less traumatic and far less invasive way to save the tooth: the dental onlay.


Instead of replacing the entire portion of the decayed or damaged tooth down to the gumline, onlays are porcelain sculpted to fit in the grooves and over the cusps or points of a tooth. In this way, the tooth’s structure and function is restored, as is its durability, strength, and appearance.


Inlays are just like onlays, only they are placed in the grooves between the points of the tooth and not over the cusps.


Why am I candidate for onlays?

If your tooth is healthy with the exception of a large filling, or maybe you have a worn or unsightly silver filling, then this type of restoration (also known as a partial crown) may be right for you.


Dental conditions such as decay are progressive. For this reason, call Dr. Suh right away to schedule a consultation. Onlays won’t remain an option forever. If damage progresses, enough of the tooth structure may be worn away and damaged that more than a filling or onlay may be required to restore it. Even at this stage, however, Dr. Suh can recommend the next closest thing to our natural teeth: dental implants.


Dental implants are widely considered the best way to replace missing teeth, namely because they are designed like a natural tooth. The implant acts as the artificial tooth root. It fuses to the bone during a natural process called osseointegration. A crown is securely placed via a connector or abutment. In turn and in partnership with one of the country’s most notable oral surgeons in the placement of dental implants, Dr. Suh will rebuild your tooth from the root up.


Yet, why go through the additional time and investment related to dental implants if you don’t have to? For access to a noninvasive approach to restoring your teeth, call the best dental onlays dentist in Raleigh NC at 919 556 6200.


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