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Patients in Wake Forest with migraine headaches caused by TMJ disorders can ask about oral appliance therapy

Migraine Headaches in Wake Forest area

At Supremia Dentistry in Wake Forest, NC, Dr. Edmond Suh sees many patients who have conditions such as TMJ disorder. Sometimes referred to as TMD, TMJ disorders can become problematic in terms of discomfort. TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, which is the hinge of the jaw. It allows the mouth to open and close. However, there are times when it can malfunction and result in chronic headaches, migraines, and overall discomfort anywhere from the head to the shoulders. When patients come to Supremia Dentistry with these complaints, we can provide a proper diagnosis and discuss treatment with oral appliance therapy.


What is oral appliance therapy?

Dr. Edmond Suh describes oral appliance therapy as a non-invasive treatment for TMJ disorders that uses a specialized mouth guard. This mouth guard is worn by the patient to help reduce the tension that may occur with this condition. Patients with TMJ disorders may notice:

  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Increased bruxism (clenching and grinding)
  • Muscle pain from the jaw down to the shoulders
  • Wear on the natural teeth and dental restorations
  • Locking or popping of the jaw joint

By using a special, custom-made oral appliance, patients can ease these symptoms and improve their condition without having to undergo surgery or orthodontics. With oral appliance therapy, patients wear the mouth guard at night (and during the day if needed) to address the tension caused in the area of the temporomandibular joint.

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Who is a candidate for oral appliance therapy?

Dr. Edmond Suh finds that oral appliance therapy is one of the first treatments patients should consider for their condition. Patients who come to Supremia Dentistry with complaints of this condition have often addressed the problem with pharmaceuticals. This method of treatment, by taking pain medication every day, comes with many side effects. Instead of masking the problem with over-the-counter or prescription pain pills, patients can use the oral appliance instead to see drastic improvements in their pain levels and a reduction of their headaches and migraines. If, after this treatment, patients still do not find relief, alternative treatments may be discussed with the dentist to help patients in getting the relief they need to improve their overall quality of life and reduce the pain experienced with TMJ disorders.


How do I receive an oral appliance?

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First, patients need to consult with the dentist and get a proper diagnosis of their condition before treatment options can be discussed. Once the patient has had an evaluation with Dr. Edmond Suh and it has been determined that TMJ disorder is the cause of the problem, then solutions are examined. Our oral appliances are custom-made for patients using impressions of their mouth. These impressions include the top and bottom dental arch. The impressions are used by the dentist to create a custom mouth piece that fits precisely in the mouth and provides patients with the cushioning they need between the arches to protect the teeth and reduce overall tension in the muscles surrounding the joint. Within a week or two, the final appliance is completed, and patients return to the dental office for the final fitting and to learn about how they can care for their appliance to extend its lifespan. Patients should take great care in keeping the appliance clean when they are not wearing it and should always bring their appliance with them to their routine dental visits to check for damage or changes in the fit and function. Many patients find that oral appliance therapy reduces their discomfort and offers a solution that may not have been recommended by other providers.


Schedule a visit today to learn about oral appliance therapy

If you have been struggling from the effects of a TMJ disorder such as chronic headaches and migraines, we encourage you to connect with Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry to learn about your options for treatment. Oral appliance therapy is often an easy and affordable way to address pain and discomfort from this condition. Call the office at 919 556 6200 and visit the practice at 1711 South Main Street in Wake Forest, NC today.


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