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Dr Suh and his staff are amazing! They are genuinely interested in your overall health and well being. The level of care, time and warm smiles is second to none. I am so grateful that Dr Suh, a world renowned Doctor, is taking care of me and my son. From Charlotte’s warm greeting to Erin and Becky’s gentle yet sparkling cleanings to Heather’s overall expertise. Every single person in the office is welcoming, warm and makes you feel like you are part of the family 💕.
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Wake Forest doctor uses Invisalign technology to straighten teeth and improve the quality of patients’ lives

Invisalign technology to straighten teeth and improve the quality of patients’ lives

Invisalign combines two cornerstones of Supremia Dentistry: technology and TMD/TMJ expertise.


Modern answer to conventional braces

Invisalign is an innovative approach to straightening teeth. Instead of fixed metal braces, you can straighten your teeth with comfortable, clear plastic appliances. These aligners may be removed for eating, cleaning, and special occasions.


As part of the Invisalign process, a 3-Dimensional model of your mouth is rendered. This model helps guide the treatment process. Dr. Edmond Suh can show you how the teeth will gradually move into appropriate placement as treatment progresses.


Invisalign continues to evolve. It is now able to treat serious problems with the way your teeth come together. Invisalign can correct these bite issues due to advancements in the aligners to accommodate the use of elastics.


Today’s aligners are so versatile that they may address gaps and crowding along with cases of overbite, underbite, and cross and open bite.


TMJ/TMD treatment

As a leader in the treatment of disorders related to the site where the upper and lower jaws meet, the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), Dr. Suh employs the state-of-the-art K7 Evaluation System. This system provides muscle readings, computerized jaw tracking, and other data that aids in the accurate diagnosis of your TMD symptoms. An accurate diagnosis means an effective treatment plan for you.


One of the ways Dr. Suh can relieve the pain, disordered chewing, headaches, and swelling characteristic of TMD is with orthodontic treatment. When your upper and lower teeth don’t meet properly when you bite, for instance, it affects how the jaw, skull, muscles, and joints work together. A disruption in this system can be caused by crowded or gapped teeth as well as missing teeth or a lack of tooth structure (short teeth) at the back of the mouth.


Invisalign may be used as a treatment for this condition or in conjunction with other traditional dental procedures. It all depends on the nature of your TMD. The idea is to stabilize the way your teeth fit together, so the teeth, muscles, and joints interact harmoniously. Stress is minimized.


To find out more about the way Invisalign works and how it can improve the quality of your life, schedule an appointment in Wake Forest with Dr. Suh. Call 919 556 6200.


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