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Dr Suh and his staff are amazing! They are genuinely interested in your overall health and well being. The level of care, time and warm smiles is second to none. I am so grateful that Dr Suh, a world renowned Doctor, is taking care of me and my son. From Charlotte’s warm greeting to Erin and Becky’s gentle yet sparkling cleanings to Heather’s overall expertise. Every single person in the office is welcoming, warm and makes you feel like you are part of the family 💕.
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Invisalign helps patients in Wake Forest straighten teeth discreetly

Invisalign helps patients in Wake Forest straighten teeth

There is no time like the present to straighten with Invisalign. Perhaps you put off straightening your teeth due to the cost or the thought of braces. Maybe you still associate straightening methods with brace face. Perhaps your teeth have shifted over time.


Whatever the case may be, Invisalign is a way to straighten your teeth comfortably and inconspicuously. Instead of using metal wires and brackets to shift your teeth into proper place, Invisalign uses removable plastic trays known as aligners. Over the course of treatment, you will wear sets of these aligners. Each set corresponds with a different stage of treatment and, accordingly, progressively moves your teeth closer and closer toward correct alignment.


These aligners are made from a smooth plastic, which doesn’t irritate the inside of your mouth and gums like conventional metal wires and brackets. Unlike fixed braces, the aligners may be removed. This feature allows you to continue to brush and floss as you normally would. Your oral hygiene doesn’t suffer. You can also remove the aligners for eating and special occasions, as long as you wear them for around 21 to 22 hours each day.


Avoiding complications


It’s important not to delay any straightening treatment you may have needed for some time. The longer this condition goes untreated, the more problems can arise. If your teeth don’t line up right, it can affect how your teeth come together, causing bite problems. These issues can make it difficult to eat the foods you once enjoyed or to chew food in general. Bite problems are also associated with temporomandibular joint disorders. TMD is characterized by migraines, back and neck pain, muscle tension, swelling, and other symptoms.


Furthermore, crowded teeth can make it difficult to brush and floss properly. Inadequate cleaning promotes tooth decay, and tooth decay can lead to gum disease, cavities, loose teeth, infections, and tooth loss.


Crooked teeth may also be caused by some of the dental conditions mentioned above. Invisalign treatment in Wake Forest can correct the crooked teeth, as well as avoid a whole host of other conditions that come with untreated alignment and bite problems. Call 919 556 6200 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Suh and his team.


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