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I have to sing praises to Dr. Ed Suh and his hygientist Shannon Carroll. We had trauma to my daughters front tooth on a Sunday afternoon and they met us at the office and made her feel so comfortable. What could have been a traumatic experience was met with calmness and reassurance. Thank you so much!!
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How Invisalign from your dentist in Wake Forest improves the smile

Invisalign from your dentist in Wake Forest improves the smile

Many people have at least one aspect of their smile they would like to improve. Perhaps stains have settled in and dulled the smile, or teeth are not in their best alignment. Today, cosmetic treatments are designed to elevate the attractiveness of the smile, correcting imperfections and producing lasting results.


Misaligned teeth have a big impact on the attractiveness of the smile. Still, many people have avoided straightening their teeth. Not because they are satisfied with their smile, but because the thought of wearing metal braces for two or more years is not acceptable. With the solutions available today, everyone can get the smile they have always wanted.


Invisalign has changed the way we approach orthodontic treatment, as well as the way braces are viewed. Some refer to Invisalign as clear braces, but this system is far more than that. “Clear braces” implies the same structure as conventional metal braces. Invisalign, available from your dentist in Wake Forest, uses aligner trays to move teeth gently into proper position.


The aligner method of straightening teeth makes enormous cosmetic improvements, but is also capable of correcting many bite issues, as well. During a consultation for braces, your dentist will evaluate the possibility of Invisalign treatment and discuss the details.


Teeth straightening with Invisalign is quite simple. Treatment begins with x-rays, photographs, and digital impressions, which are sent to the Invisalign lab. Aligner trays are generated using state-of-the-art computer technology, designed for the gradual movement of teeth using gentle pressure. Each tray varies slightly from others, leading teeth into their proper position.


The fact that Invisalign aligners are clear makes this a popular form of orthodontic treatment. Both dentists and their patients love the fact that aligners are removable. Having the ability to remove orthodontics makes treatment more convenient and healthy. Aligners, which should be worn approximately 22 hours each day, can be taken out for snacks, meals, and oral hygiene.


Invisalign is suitable for many cases of mild to moderate misalignment. Your dentist in Wake Forest can help you achieve your smile goals using Invisalign as the comfortable, effective path towards straight teeth.


Contact us today to learn more about Invisalign in your personal consultation with Dr. Suh.


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