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I always have a great experience at Supremia. Dr. Suh and staff are experts in their field and place your dental health as their top priority. Our kids actually are excited about going to the dentist. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
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Wake Forest establishes healthy routines for life, thanks to dental practice’s gentle approach to dentistry

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For Dr. Edmond Suh and his team, “gentle” and “dentistry” go together. All dental procedures should be gentle. All visits should be pleasant. There are so many tools and technologies available today that there really is no reason you should experience undue discomfort or have an unpleasant experience.


Easing fear


When discussing the causes of dental anxiety and dental phobia, the fear of pain ranks right up there with the sound of the drill.


Some of those fears may be well founded. Dentists who don’t have the same type of “gentle” approach as Dr. Suh may have spent significant time shooting you full of numbing agents and aggressively trying to extract a tooth or rebuild its structure with a crown. These treatments may have involved a lot of discomfort, not to mention the drilling that so many patients hate! Psychologically this visit may have left an imprint. You may have associated all dental procedures with this discomfort and fear.


The longer you go without care, the worse gum and teeth problems become. After days of missing work or school and not sleeping from the pain, you may have to go to urgent care or the ER to get out of pain. This is, of course, temporary relief.


Dr. Suh’s preventive approach avoids dental problems and ensures existing ones are halted before they progress. It is never too late to discover a better way and to reestablish good dental habits.


Building gentle dental


Everything Supremia does is seen through the lens of a gentle procedure and experience. Dr. Suh and his team make the dental visit easy, with minimal pain, time commitment, and stress through:

  • Sedative options. Conscious oral sedation allows you to relax enough that you have no cares in the world, but you are still in control. You remain awake during the procedure, and can even watch TV or enjoy music during treatment. Formerly, you may have been too stressed-out to focus on anything but the tools in your mouth.
  • Least invasive options. A number of procedures, such as dental crowns and root scaling and planing to deep clean tooth roots by scraping them are considered “standard” in a dental office. We offer much more comfortable procedures, with fewer lingering side effects and risks and, accordingly, little to nothing to recover from. For instance, Dr. Suh may suggest partial crowns versus full ones, or he may use dental lasers to treat gum disease. These procedures eliminate extensive drilling and cutting.
  • No waiting. Adding to the stress of dental procedures is the time commitment. Traditionally, many procedures require at least two appointments. That’s more time off work. You may also need to wear a delicate temporary restoration while an outside lab makes your new tooth. This is not the case with Supremia Dentistry. Dr. Suh designs and makes most restorations in-house using digital modeling and a computerized milling machine. You can come to our office in Wake Forest with misshapen, stained, chipped, or broken teeth, and leave with a bright, uniform, chip-free smile all within one appointment.

“Gentle” is the only way Dr. Suh’s team knows how to do dentistry. Let Supremia Dentistry change your perception and help you maintain or get back on the road to good oral health by calling 919 556 6200 to schedule a consultation in Wake Forest.


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