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End dental fear with conscious sedation in Wake Forest

Dr. Suh and his staff understand End dental fear with conscious sedation

It’s estimated that 15 to 30 percent of Americans have some level of dental fear. That fear can range from anxiety about an upcoming appointment, much the same way any visit with a doctor may be dreaded, to the more severe and serious dental phobia.


If you have dental phobia, there is a chance you haven’t seen a dentist in years. You may be suffering from unnecessary pain. The pain may have gotten so bad a loved one took you to the emergency room, a costly trip that may never have solved the progressive, cumulative damage and disease that may exist.


There is no need to fear today’s modern dental technologies and procedures, like that employed by Dr. Edmond Suh. Dr. Suh has an ally in this critical fight against dental fear: sedation dentistry.


Not every dentist is equipped to offer sedation. You need to receive training to administer it safely. That said the sedation Dr. Suh uses is not risky nor is it complicated.


He uses what’s called “oral conscious sedation.” He will prescribe a pill, which you will take before the procedure. The pill will make you drowsy. This pill will relax you to the point where your fears will float away but not to the point where you will be unconscious. You will still be awake. We can still communicate with you and vice versa. You just won’t feel any discomfort and time will fly by. Consider it a break from your work or the busy day. You can listen to music and even watch TV while Dr. Suh gets you feeling and looking better.


Dr. Suh and his staff understand your fears and potential embarrassment (if it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a dentist). It’s important to share your concerns with the doctor and his staff.


Sometimes simply talking about the fears and treatment at greater length helps, and gives Dr. Suh a better idea of the approaches you need. You may also find it more relaxing to schedule a time outside of work hours, such as earlier in the morning when you may not be as rushed or later in the afternoon after the busy-ness of the workday and the kids may be off at school.


Whatever your situation, don’t delay treatment any longer over fear. By calling 919 556 6200, you can schedule an appointment. Dr. Suh will walk you through the ins and outs of sedation to help end your dental fear in Wake Forest. He can also discuss any instructions associated with conscious oral sedation, as the pills do take time to work. The effects generally wear off throughout the day, so that is another consideration as you will need to arrange transportation to and from the appointment.


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