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I have to sing praises to Dr. Ed Suh and his hygientist Shannon Carroll. We had trauma to my daughters front tooth on a Sunday afternoon and they met us at the office and made her feel so comfortable. What could have been a traumatic experience was met with calmness and reassurance. Thank you so much!!
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Wake Forest NC patients find relief from sleep apnea with treatments guided by experienced dentist

relief from sleep apnea with treatments guided by experienced dentist

It’s easy to think of the dentist as your one-stop shop for more beautiful and better-functioning teeth. However, Dr. Edmond Suh and his team at Supremia Dentistry offer much more than treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth.


Knowing that oral health involves the entire mouth and its interconnectedness to other parts of the body, Dr. Suh can resolve a number of problems that may seem better suited for treatment by medical professionals in other disciplines.


For example, obstructive sleep apnea may be corrected with oral appliances or even an orthodontic alternative to braces: Invisalign. Misalignment can cause a number of surprising consequences. These complications include blockages to the airway. When the airway is blocked as you sleep, the brain awakens the body in a panic as it is starved of oxygen. In turn, you may wake up hundreds of times during the night. You may always feel tired from this sleeplessness, and be more prone to accidents on the road or at work.


Another type of oral appliance may be designed to treat this common condition. This device when comfortably fitted to your mouth pushes the jaw forward. This process opens up the throat and allows the air to move through the airway. You don’t find yourself struggling to breathe during the night. Your quality of life can improve when you get refreshing, restorative sleep — the way sleep is meant to be.


A better, more comfortable way

Traditionally, those with obstructive sleep apnea may have been prescribed a CPAP machine. These machines may not be used as prescribed because they can be loud and uncomfortable, and not conducive to restful sleep. Oral appliances are far-less bulky. You are not connected to a machine by way of a mask.


A treatment is only effective if it is being used, so there is no excuse to avoid a customized oral appliance, as you shouldn’t even know you are wearing it. While it may seem a relatively simple solution, it avoids a number of complex and serious complications ranging from increased risk of car accidents to cardiovascular disease and weight gain.


Your dentist in Wake Forest also utilizes a number of leading diagnostic tools to get to the cause of your sleep apnea symptoms. Call 919 556 6200 to schedule an appointment, and discuss the process of a convenient, home-based sleep study. Treatments by way of oral appliances may also address problems such as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) and bruxism or teeth grinding.


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