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Dr Suh and his staff are amazing! They are genuinely interested in your overall health and well being. The level of care, time and warm smiles is second to none. I am so grateful that Dr Suh, a world renowned Doctor, is taking care of me and my son. From Charlotte’s warm greeting to Erin and Becky’s gentle yet sparkling cleanings to Heather’s overall expertise. Every single person in the office is welcoming, warm and makes you feel like you are part of the family 💕.
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Dentist answers frequently asked questions about dental veneers in Raleigh

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Veneers in Raleigh area

Dental veneers are a common cosmetic and dental restoration used at Supremia Dentistry in Wake Forest, a suburb located in the Raleigh, NC area. Dental veneers treatment is versatile, as it can restore the appearance of a single tooth that has become cracked, chipped or broken, or can be used on multiple teeth to cosmetically transform the smile. If you live in the Raleigh area and would like to learn more about treatment, we suggest that you give us a call at 919 556 6200 to schedule a consultation. Our team at Supremia Dentistry has many years of experience with … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentist offers patients in Raleigh, NC porcelain veneers

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry provides Porcelain Veneers in Raleigh NC area

Everyone in Raleigh, NC wants a beautiful smile they can feel confident in sharing with others. However, due to a variety of issues that can develop, patients may be faced with concerns that impact the appearance of their smiles. This can lower their self-esteem and make them feel extremely self-conscious about how they look when they socialize with others. Thankfully, there is a variety of solutions such as the fabrication and placement of porcelain veneers by a cosmetic dentist.   Porcelain veneers explained Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry provides a wide selection of aesthetic services that can be used … Continue reading

What are the benefits of porcelain veneers treatment for patients near Raleigh, NC

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry describes Benefits of Porcelain Veneers Treatment near Raleigh area

At Supremia Dentistry, we believe patients should have access to quality services to enhance their smiles. We welcome individuals into our practice near Raleigh, NC to discuss the benefits of cosmetic dental treatments such as porcelain veneers.   Dentist explains porcelain veneers Porcelain veneers are just one of many cosmetic treatments available to our patients in our facility. These restorations are used to cover imperfections quickly and easily. They act as facings bonded over the natural teeth to disguise problems including: Chipped or fractured teeth Unusually shaped teeth Permanently stained teeth Mildly misaligned teeth Gaps between teeth Veneers are custom-made … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentist in Wake Forest, NC provides an array of services, including teeth whitening and veneers

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry provides Cosmetic Dentist in Wake Forest NC area

Visiting a cosmetic dentist is the way to quickly enhance your smile. Wake Forest, NC dentist, Dr. Edmond Suh, provides solutions for patients to consider when they are interested in finding ways to address imperfections of the teeth. Available services include professional teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.   Professional teeth whitening Patients who are faced with a discolored or dingy smile are encouraged to book an appointment with our team for professional teeth whitening. While there are over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions available at the local drugstore, many of these do not provide the results patients want to see in their … Continue reading

Wake Forest dentist’s teeth whitening treatment helps prevent sensitivity

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry describes Teeth Whitening Sensitivity in Wake Forest area

You may have thought a brighter smile was out of reach due to dental discomfort. Concerns over teeth whitening sensitivity in Wake Forest are eliminated with Dr. Edmond Suh’s use of an advanced gel.   An introduction to KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System A product of years of research and tests, KöR is designed to remove even the most stubborn discoloration resulting from antibiotics such as tetracycline. It is an effective way to remove intrinsic or very dark stains comfortably.   KöR contains desensitizers, which helps avoid the sensitivity associated with bleaching treatments. When tooth enamel erodes due to decay … Continue reading

Wake Forest dentist transforms your smile comfortably and conveniently with veneers

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry provides Veneers in Wake Forest area

Using CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Suh can design and fabricate the stain-free, evenly-spaced and evenly-proportioned smile of your dreams in a single visit. Advanced digital imaging, dental software, and in-office milling equipment converge to create veneers, partial crowns and other restorations while you wait in the comfort of Supremia Dentistry’s well-appointed office.   Not all dentists offer technology that transforms your smile so quickly and effectively. Traditionally, these thin coverings of porcelain would be made by an outside lab, using information collected by your dentist as a model for this new tooth structure. By having modern software and equipment onsite, Dr. … Continue reading

Wake Forest dentist produces life like veneers to correct many dental complaints in a single visit

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry describes about Veneers in Wake Forest NC area

Almost two of every five North Carolinians have experienced dental disease, according to Department of Health and Human Services statistics. One of every seven is living with untreated cavities. Destructive acids and harmful bacteria progressively eat away at the enamel covering the tooth, leaving inner tooth structure unprotected. Depending on how far enamel erosion has progressed, your teeth may appear: Chipped Cracked Discolored Indented or cupped on the surface Veneers offer an answer to these and many other dental complaints, such as gaps and uneven spacing, and irregularly shaped teeth. With CEREC technology, Dr. Edmond Suh and his team can … Continue reading

Considering dental veneers in Wake Forest? Weigh long-term benefits, alternatives to improved smile

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry describes about Dental Veneers in Wake Forest area

Your reason for considering dental veneers in Wake Forest may be purely cosmetic. You may want to improve the look of your smile. Yet even those seemingly superficial flaws can have negative effects on the health of your teeth over time.   Whatever your motivations for turning to Supremia Dentistry, few treatments restore the appearance and function of your teeth as naturally as porcelain veneers.   Correcting discoloration   These ultra-thin layers of porcelain can cover up stubborn discoloration. Not all types of stains are the same. While many people think of brown or yellow stains caused by coffee and … Continue reading

A beautiful smile for every member of your family, courtesy of Wake Forest partners in dentistry

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry describes about Family Dentistry in Wake Forest area

Smile improvements are not only for adults. There are a number of comfortable and safe ways for every member of your family to feel better about his or her appearance.   Invisalign   Almost every teen (or 96 percent) displeased with his or her smile is also unhappy about his or her appearance, according to a Kelton Research study for the makers of Invisalign. Around 30 percent of those surveyed were most unhappy with their teeth. Yet 41 percent of these teen respondents said wearing metal braces would cause humiliation.   Invisalign may just be the answer to your teen … Continue reading

Wake Forest dentist discusses importance of professional care when asked, “What teeth whitening options are near me?”

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry provides Teeth Whitening Near Me in Wake Forest area

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure and big business. It is a great way to improve the look of your smile quickly and dramatically. Since the smile is such a valued and obvious feature, when you improve it you enhance your overall appearance.   Just because teeth whitening or bleaching is a popular procedure doesn’t mean it is without risks. One of the big risks with whitening kiosks or over the counter treatments is they do not address pre-existing problems with your mouth. Generally, dental professionals such as Dr. Edmond Suh will discourage the use of whitening or bleaching agents … Continue reading