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I have to sing praises to Dr. Ed Suh and his hygientist Shannon Carroll. We had trauma to my daughters front tooth on a Sunday afternoon and they met us at the office and made her feel so comfortable. What could have been a traumatic experience was met with calmness and reassurance. Thank you so much!!
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The best option for tooth replacement is dental implants with your Wake Forest dentist

tooth replacement is dental implants with your Wake Forest dentist

Most of us are concerned with having an attractive smile. We brush, whiten, and take care of dental problems when they occur so that our smiles send the right message. When a tooth or teeth are lost, we quickly look at the various options we have for replacement. As with any form of restorative care, the goal is to create long-lasting results that are both beautiful and durable. For this reason, many people find the best form of tooth replacement to be dental implants. In our Wake Forest dental office, we provide excellent implant services.


Dental implants offer an alternative to a dental bridge or dentures. This solution to missing teeth, compared to previous forms of treatment, is the only one considered permanent, as many implant patients are able to retain their healthy new smiles for several decades. The longevity of dental implants is one of the many benefits that can be found with this form of tooth replacement.


In addition to being extremely reliable and long lasting, dental implants are highly successful with an average 95 to 98 percent success rate. Patients needing a tooth or teeth replaced can undergo implant treatment with optimal results.


Implants, made from a titanium post and tooth-colored crown are so natural looking that they may be used to replace a single front tooth, or all teeth in the mouth. Your smile will look completely natural when dental implants replace missing teeth, which will allow you to smile freely with total confidence.


In the event only one tooth requires replacement, dental implants save surrounding, healthy teeth from modification, as an implant stands alone. With one implant, the smile can be restored to a healthy, beautiful state, while surrounding teeth are left intact. The alternative is a dental bridge, which requires two healthy teeth to be reduced and fitted with dental crowns. These teeth serve as anchors for the artificial tooth that lies in the gap.


Perhaps the biggest benefit that has been discovered in dental implants is the effect on the bone tissue of the jaw. In the absence of a tooth root, the jawbone lacks stimulation. Without stimulation, bone tissue gradually breaks down, leaving facial contours with insufficient support for a youthful appearance.


Once inserted into the jawbone, implants act as natural roots, supplying superb stability for chewing, a natural aesthetic, and necessary stimulation to the jawbone. Discover these and other benefits with dental implants from your Wake Forest dentist. Contact us for your consultation today.


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