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Dr Suh and his staff are amazing! They are genuinely interested in your overall health and well being. The level of care, time and warm smiles is second to none. I am so grateful that Dr Suh, a world renowned Doctor, is taking care of me and my son. From Charlotte’s warm greeting to Erin and Becky’s gentle yet sparkling cleanings to Heather’s overall expertise. Every single person in the office is welcoming, warm and makes you feel like you are part of the family 💕.
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The best cosmetic treatment comes from your dentist in Wake Forest, NC

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry is the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Wake Forest NC area

There’s no point in hiding the fact that we like to feel good about the way we look. Desiring an attractive appearance has nothing to do with vanity, and everything to do with a great understanding of the value of appearance in our society. Polls show that people with attractive smiles are more memorable and seen as friendlier, healthier, younger, and even more productive. An attractive smile can help you land a job, negotiate a higher salary, and get that date. More importantly, knowing your smile is as good as it can be will lead to greater feelings of confidence.


In the field of dentistry, we care for the various needs of the smile. This does not only include oral health needs, but also those pertaining to cosmetics. When you want to show off your smile at its very best, working with your cosmetic dentist in Wake Forest, NC can help you reach your goals quickly. Dr. Suh and our experienced dental team are committed to the enhancement of both oral health and smile esthetics. When you consult with Dr. Suh in regards to your concerns, your concerns will be addressed. It is important to us to understand our patients’ needs, so that we may devise the most suitable cosmetic treatment to meet their needs.


We take cosmetic services seriously, which shows in the amount of time we spend in the consultation phase. This level of care extends to all services, because your cosmetic dentist knows that whatever treatment is completed has an impact on the way your smile looks. Whether we are solely looking to enhance the smile with a treatment like teeth whitening or veneers, or filling a small cavity, we pay close attention to the types of materials we use, knowing the effect they will have on the smile.


At Supremia Dentistry, we work with each patient individually to produce his or her best smile through appropriate treatments. When performing cosmetic dentistry services, our intentions are to create beautiful smiles that will last for many years, and look so natural no one will ever know work has been done.


Why wish for a better smile? Dr. Suh offers cosmetic services that will give you more reason than ever to show your pearly whites. Contact us for your cosmetic dentistry appointment today.


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